Pete Thorn

Trips in March…

There is a sea paddle on Sunday 13th March.  Details will go out to all those who have expressed interest in the sea.

The following weekend (19th & 20th) will be the time we need to take down the slalom course, so lots of help needed please. With help it shouldn’t take long. Provided there is enough water then it will be the last time this season when you can have a go at the excellent course. Great for your accuracy and precision. Subject to water levels a trip from Tarr Steps may be possible as well.

The following weekend is Easter and on the Saturday (26th) will be your opportunity to learn some Advanced White Water Rescue skills. This is likely to be on the Erme in South Devon. You need to have done the basic training on the Lyn which we do each year.

More details to follow on all this…
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