Summer Programme 2017

Regular features

Monday – 2 Star Training evenings from 8 May through to July. This aims to equip people new to paddling with all the basic skills and strokes you need to be a competent member of a group on placid water. This year it will include a weekend feature (15/16 July) at Upper Tamar Lake, where we will do four sessions on open boating. There is an option to camp over, have a BBQ and enjoy a great new location with friends. The training will comprise of 10 sessions with an optional assessment. Details and costs to follow by email to members. [Contact Paul Greenway].

Wednesday – Indoor Pool Sessions….Indoor pool sessions at West Buckland School, through till mid May, then starting again in September, for intro work and rolling etc.( One more session on May 24th.)  Email at the beginning of the week that a session is on, to members. [Contact Sue Ambler].

Thursday – Introductory to Moving Water and slalom ….Thursday  evenings from April onwards, introductory to moving water at Newbridge on the river Taw. This is tidal water so no access issues, though an occasional high tide may disrupt. Flows are gentle but great for learning the basics before next winter’s white water trips. Details will be by email to members. [Contact Doug Smith].


Thursday – 3 Star Sea Kayaking ….already been advertised and underway. [Contact Pete Thorn]

Friday – Kayak Surfing….Friday evenings at Westward Ho! at Sandymere beach. Introduction to kayak surfing when conditions are good and waves are small. Otherwise a great opportunity for the Club to meet and cream some waves. In the case of no waves there will usually be a short coastal paddle option. Details issued weekly by email or Facebook, conditions dependent. [Contact Pat Williams, Nathan Mower, Tommo]

Ad Hoc – Junior Training Sessions.….End of May onwards, introduction to moving and open water to learn some basic skills and have some fun for the juniors.DSC_2651

Venues will be the Taw at Newbridge,  Torridge at Puffing Billy,  estuary and coast, subject to conditions. Full details will be by email. [Contact Pat Williams].

Ad Hoc Trips…. Short notice trips on the estuary, rivers or coast, on weekday evenings or weekends, subject to conditions. Details by Facebook and/or email.

Weekday Evening Sea Kayak Trips….Weekend or weekday evening sea kayak trips. If you are interested in getting into sea kayaks, let Pete T know and get on a circulation group. During the season we will offer introductory sessions, basic training and rescue sessions. Otherwise there will be trips at a variety of levels. Details by email to group. [Contact Pete Thorn, Clive Doe]

Dates for Your Diary

(Most trips below are not official club trips but are based on a group of friends and peers.)

Falmouth Sea Trip..…  20-28 May. Easy and intermediate trips will be lead,  advanced trips will be by peer group. Details to follow but will be based on a campsite near this stunning coastline. People can come and go, as diaries permit, joining groups exploring the coast, islands and tide races. Sea kayaks only, with some experience required. [Contact Pete Thorn]

Upper Tamar Lake …..15/16 July. This is the weekend of 2 Star open boating but camping open to others with a big lake to explore.13528240_625507920951431_4768662026565727922_o

 Bring your own boat and camping gear. [Contact Paul Greenway]

France Slalom Trip ….  21 July – 3 Aug. Not a Club trip but a group of peers, looking after themselves and each other. Paddling and camping at two slalom courses close to Lyons. Water is mainly grade 2 with some grade 3 drops. A chilled out and laid back experience. Based on car share, but people can come and go as needed. [[Contact Tommo]

Youth Club Sessions ….These are three sessions we provide for the Youth Club as a condition for using their premises. We will need club members to help run and provide safety for these sessions. [Details to follow]

Lundy…. Trip Date to be decided. A weekend camping on Lundy and circumnavigating the island by kayak. River kayaks will cross to Lundy by boat, sea kayaks will paddle there and back. A stunning weekend with scenery and wildlife but weather/tide dependent. [Details to follow]

For information on these and other short notice opportunities, keep an eye on your emails and the Club Facebook page.