Peer Paddles aka Independent Paddling

Peer paddles are not organised by or the responsibility of the club and are not covered by our insurance. On an Independent Paddle no one takes overall responsibility for the safety or well-being of the group. There is no designated leader or river leadership, assumed or otherwise.

Someone may co-ordinate meeting times and venues, but has no more authority than any other participant.

Everyone takes full responsibility for their own kit and safety whilst behaving in a responsible way.

Paddlers in the group have a duty of care and are expected to look out for themselves and each other whilst staying within their own limitations.

You need to:-

– be confident in the water/conditions you are paddling in,

– be comfortable in the abilities of others in the peer group,

– do your own risk assessment based on water levels, weather conditions etc,

– be realistic about your ability, if in doubt walk around a section or just go to the cafe.