About Us


The main aim of the club is to provide an opportunity for people to get out onto the water and paddle. The club has an active membership ranging from complete beginners through to qualified coaches along with many well respected and experienced paddlers. The club tries to offer a range of trips to suit most interests and levels of experience. It also encourages groups of paddlers to get together and arange activities.

In the main, it is a recreational club with members paddling for fun. It is not generally active in the field of competitive paddling although there are members who do compete – some successfully at a high level. Whatever your interest you are likely to find something to do and somebody to do it with.


The club is well-equipped with modern boats and personal equipment, hired for a small fee. If you have a ‘sit-on-top’, and want to extend your experience, you will be welcomed. Membership fees are very reasonable as overheads are low and we want to be inclusive. The club also has a well developed Child Protection Policy and offers a safe environment for children to learn and have fun.

What do we like most about the Club? That everyone is welcome, no-one teases you when you mess up and there is such a range of activity to suit almost any person and any weather! North Devon offers unrivalled opportunities for this sport. You just need to join in!

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You can find out more about the club by exploring the website or by getting in touch. You might be interested in: