Swift Water Rescue Training


12:00 am


Lynmouth, Lynmouth

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Up until recently the rivers have been rather high for this training, though warmer than expected. Now it’s much colder and the river is dropping. On Sunday the wind is due to drop and it gets a bit less cold. We are happy to go ahead for the main group. It will be good to repeat this later for those who can’t attend this time (copied in).

So this is an invitation to come on Sunday, those seven who can, with the proviso that if the forecast worsens, then we will postpone. Please check your mail on Saturday evening. Those attending are shown above, plus Ewan, coming with Maggie.
You need:
  • plenty of thermals and drysuit, or
  • good wetsuit plus cag
  • strong shoes/boots, not flimsy wetsuit socks. We have a box of such at the club.
  • well-fitting helmet plus thermal head protection. Ear plugs if you have them
  • buoyancy aid, preferably with chest harness, but we can lend if not. Bring what you have or ask for one
  • throwline. The club has a selection
  • sling and carabiner if you have one
  • spraydeck, for realism
  • paddle
  • flask of hot drink and packed lunch
  • £5 to cover coach expenses
Let me know what kit you are short of.
The training will cover:
  • rope handling and throwing
  • incident management
  • moving on steep ground
  • river crossing
  • defensive swimming
  • use of chest harness
  • boat recovery
The work is bank based but we will cover, though not practise, rescue from boats.
Meet in the main car park in Lynmouth, just upstream of the road bridge, at 10.00, ready changed. We should be finished by 15.00.
If you have last minute problems getting there, please ring on 07870 207262.
It’s great fun and it could save a life.
See you there
Pete and Greenie