Surf Fridays


12/08/2022 - 13/08/2022    
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Type

Some of us intend to go surfing on a regular basis on Fridays through the summer months. All subject to conditions and tides as always.▪︎The intention is to help and encourage juniors to practice surfing for a hour, with some experienced kayak surfers for guidance etc.▪︎Other paddlers are welcome to surf at their own risk and responsibility, (this is not an official club event). You should be confident in the surf conditions and are expected to look out for yourselves and each other.▪︎An email will be sent out with a surf & weather beforehand. Sandymere (Westward Ho!) or Saunton are likely to be the venues, depending on tides.

The first is Friday 27th May▪︎Meet at Sandymere just before 6pm.▪︎Forecast 2-3ft, 9s period, HW 5pm at 8.2m, so off the pebbles by about 6pm. Weather sunny periods, temp 13c, wind NW 11mph.▪︎Juniors please reply to this email if you are interested.▪︎Seniors just turn up.Car parking is free after 5:30.Cheers

Pat and Pete