Intermediate Sea Kayaking – final session (surf)

Intermediate Sea Kayaking - final session (surf)


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The summer has well and truly passed and we still have the surf session to run!
We can’t use Thursday evenings now due to daylight fading.  So I have a few leaders that can run a surf session on Saturday 28th October.  I can’t give an exact time but there are two plans.
Plan A would be mid afternoon and we would surf off of WWho! beach
If conditions didn’t allow then Plan B would be to paddle to Bideford Bar and surf on this. This would be around midday.
Obviously if conditions don’t allow for either of these we will have to find another date (again)! so let’s keep our fingers crossed!
I will let you know what the plan is a day or so in advance, but please keep the 11th Nov free.
Any questions contact