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Autumn Trip Programme 2016

The much awaited trip programme for Autumn 2016 is now available and provides details of trips through to the end of the year.

Attending a trip

Normally, an email will go out early in the week for the trip the following weekend. Please read through all the background info, so you don’t finish up on a trip which is too difficult for you at this stage. Reply to the email to book a place. Closing date for weekend trips is Thursday evening. Then another mail will go out to those signed up, giving details of the trip, including timing and car sharing arrangements. The choice has to be left till close to the date, due to weather and river levels. If there is not enough water in rivers, then leaders will try to arrange an alternative. Maybe a surf session or a bimble along a coastline?

Where you share cars, please pay your share of fuel costs and don’t wait for the driver to ask. Some of the trips are quite a drive.
If you use Club kit, be sure to pay your £3, but also enter the details of the kit on the sheet. Note all the equipment has numbers on them and this needs entering too. Please make Mario’s job of Kit Sec easier, so we can trace any missing items.


You can download a copy of the trip programme below:

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